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Check that:

1. The author has expertise on the topic.

2. The source of the content is stated.

3. The content can be independently verified from other sources.

4. The information is current & the site maintained.

5. The site includes contact information.

Source:Cohen, Laura and Trudi Jacobson. 2008. Evaluating Web Content,

Getting Started with e-magazines from Zinio


Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for best results. Switch to Firefox or Chrome if you are using Internet Explorer v8 before creating your Zinio accounts. If you use IE (v8 or earlier) or another browser that may not support web 2.0 features, you may have trouble opening your magazine or navigating Please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9 or later in order to browse, read, or purchase magazines from on a PC computer. Depending on the version of Windows you have on your system you may need to install an alternative web browser such as Mozilla's Firefox or Google Chrome.

Create Two Accounts

You need to create two accounts to use Zinio for libraries to access e-magazines.

The first account that you need to create is your Library Collection Account which enables you to check magazines out.


-Click on the Zinio button or e-magazines graphic on your library's website.

-Click on ‘Create New Account’ in upper right of the Berks County Public Libraries Zinio Magazine Collection page.

-Enter your Berks County (BCPL) Library card number.

-Fill in the required info on the next screen, then click ‘Create Account’ Button.

-Select a magazine to check out by clicking on the magazine of your choice. Hit the 'Checkout' button.

-Click on the ‘Checkout' button.

-You will be brought to the Zinio registration screen where you must create a second account that enables a personal Reader Account populated with your personal library of checked out magazines.


-Fill in the required info on the Zinio registration screen, using the same e-mail address that you used when you set up the first account for your Library Collection Account. Hit the register button.

-The magazine that you checked out will be displayed on the 'Your Reading List' screen. (You may want to bookmark this page.)

-To open the magazine, click on the cover.


-Check out the Zinio User Guide.

-Watch the Zinio for Libraries Overview Video.

-Need Help? Contact Recorded Books at

-Live Chat with RBDigital: