Mifflin Community Library

Mifflin Community Library

The Mifflin Library's Capital Campaign

If you enjoy using our new facility, consider making a contribution to help pay off the building fund!

Please send donations to: Mifflin Community Library, ATTN: Jane Althen, 6 Philadelphia Avenue, Shillington, PA 19607. Make the check out to Mifflin Community Library and write “Capital Campaign” in the Memo.

If you’d like to spread your commitment out over several months or the next two years, please include a note, or stop by the MCL to pick up a Pledge Card.


Financial Contributions

Donate Now using JustGive.org

Donations in any amount are always appreciated. In order to be eligible to receive state and federal funds, we must show that our local community supports us, so the funds you donate are multiplied many times over. You may choose to donate to the operating account to help with current expenses or give to the Capital Campaign, which will help pay for the recent expansion of the library building. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

You may send your donation to Mifflin Community Library, 6 Philadelphia Ave., Shillington, PA 19607 OR donate online right now through JustGive.

Adopt - A - Book

Honor someone special and help to build the Mifflin Community Library collection by adopting a book, a video, a magazine subscription, or some compact discs. Your tax-deductable donation will be used to purchase items of your choice for the library.

A bookplate showing your name will be placed in each item. You may choose to dedicate the items to the memory of, or in the honor of someone special to you. This name will be shown on the bookplate according to your instructions.

If you are a member of a club or organization, adopting a book could be a group project, perhaps continuing from month-to-month or year-to-year.

Your gift makes a difference. Thank you!

Donations of Books and Other Items

Items for Collection/Ongoing Book Sale. Most of the year, we welcome your donation of items that fit the criteria in our guidelines (See donations guidelines). These donations help us expand our collection without spending a lot of money, and we love them! Occasionally, however, when we run short of processing time and storage space, we must put a temporary hold on accepting donations. When that happens, we will direct you to other organizations that accept such items or ask you to hold your donations for the Friends of the Library book sale.

Items for Friends' Annual Book Sale. Once a year, the Friends of Mifflin Community Library hold a book sale, accepting a much wider range of donations than we do for the collection. Because of limited storage space, however, they accept donations for only two weeks before the book sale, which is normally in late October or early November. They will not accept encyclopedias, textbooks, Reader's Digest condensed books, or magazines, and all materials need to be in good condition. (No moldy or mildewed items, please!)

Redner's Save-A-Tape

If you shop at Redner's, please consider getting a Pump Perks/Save-A-Tape card. By showing that card when you purchase items, you will end up with a Save-A-Tape total at the bottom of your receipt. Then just turn your entire receipts in at the library, and the library will receive 1% of the totals.