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Sinking Springs Public Library

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Info: Site Map

  1. Home Page: Sinking Springs Public Library
  2. Countywide Online Catalog
  3. About Us
    1. About Us: Table of contents
    2. Available library meeting spaces
    3. Countywide service policies
    4. Directory of libraries
    5. Location
    6. New acquisitions
    7. Sinking Spring Public Library policies
    8. So Much More Than Books video
    9. Staff & trustee information
  4. Adults
    1. Adults: Table of contents
    2. Business resources: Links for business associations, economic development, educational partnerships, government departments, and services.
    3. Disabled - Local resources: Links for community support services, learning, visual & hearing impared services, employment training, home support.
    4. Genealogy
    5. Government offices: Links to federal, state, county, township & municipal government offices, and to school districts.
    6. Immigrants - Local resources: Links to services for immigrants.
    7. Job search
    8. Homeschooling & schooling
    9. Seniors - Local resources: Links to services for seniors.
    10. Things to do / Places to go
    11. Townships, boroughs & the City of Reading
  5. Info: How Do I…
    1. Info: Table of contents
    2. Apply for a passport
    3. Find books, movies, music…
    4. Get a card
    5. Renew/return an item
    6. Request an item
    7. Site map
    8. View my account activity
  6. Kids Space
    1. Kid Space: Links to great websites for kids. Links for parents, too.
    2. Our Kid Programs
  7. Research
    1. Research: Links to the online catalog, Power Library databases, eLanguage, IPL 2, Ask Here PA, Opposing Viewpoints, Testing & Education Reference Center, and Access PA
  8. Support Us
    1. Support: Table of contents
    2. Donations
    3. Friends of the library
    4. Volunteering
  9. Teens
    1. Boy stuff
    2. Careers
    3. College
    4. Fun
    5. Girlz
    6. Safe search tips for using the Internet
    7. School