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4. The info is current & the site maintained.

5. The site includes contact information.

Source:Cohen, Laura and Trudi Jacobson. 2008. Evaluating Web Content,

View My Account Activity

Logging In

Click on the VIEW MY ACCOUNT ACTIVITY link in the HOW DO I… dropdown menu at the top of this or any page.

HOW DO I… dropdown menu

OR click on the My Account tab if you’re already in the classic catalog.
My Account tab screen shot

Enter your barcode number (it’s on your library card) and your PIN (the last 4 digits of your telephone number, unless you’ve requested a special number) and click the Login button.

Account Overview

After you have logged in, you will be taken to the Account Overview page with links to four sections: 1. Items Out, 2. Hold Requests, 3. Blocks (Fines), and 4. Profile.

  1. Items Out:
    To see what items you have checked out and the due dates, click on the words Items Out. To renew items, click in the small box near the title of each item you wish to renew. Then click the Renew button.Some items cannot be renewed. See Renew / Return An Item for details.
  2. Holds:
    To check the status of your requests, click Hold Requests. Items that are ready for pickup will be listed in the top section and items that are not yet available will be in the bottom section, along with their status and position in the queue. Keep in mind that the “Position” number you see reflects your position among all the requests for that item in the county system. If the item is new, you have priority for that item at the library designated as your home library, so your wait may be considerably shorter than it appears from the position number.

    To cancel a hold, click in the box beside the title of the item, and then, near the top of the screen, click on the Cancel Request button. To suspend (postpone) a request for an item that is not yet available, click in the box beside the item title, and then, near the top of the screen, choose a date representing the end of the suspension period, and click on the Change Status button. The item will now reflect a status of Suspended. To undo the suspension, click in the box beside the title and click on Change Status. The status should now return to Active.
  3. Blocks:
    To see what fines or messages you may have on your account, click the word Blocks. You will see a list of fines that you owe, items that are overdue, and requests that are ready for pickup, as well as any messages that library staff may have put on your account.
  4. Profile:
    Click on Profile to see your personal information: Name, Address, Telephone Number, and Home Library. This information cannot be changed online; you must ask library staff to change it for you. If you click on the Request Change button, a message that you’re requesting an Address Change will be put in your blocks. This may serve as a reminder to you and library staff to make the changes in your personal information.

    The two items you may change online are your email address and your PIN. Click the appropriate Update button after you have made your change.