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Info: Site Map

  1. Home Page: West Lawn/Wyomissing Hills Library
  2. Countywide Online Catalog
  3. About Us
    1. About Us: Table of contents
    2. Available library meeting spaces
    3. Countywide service policies
    4. Directory of libraries
    5. Location
    6. West Lawn/Wyomissing Hills Library policies
  4. Adults
    1. Adults: Table of contents
    2. Business resources: Links for business associations, economic development, educational partnerships, government departments, and services.
    3. Disabled - Local resources: Links for community support services, learning, visual & hearing impared services, employment training, home support.
    4. Genealogy
    5. Government offices: Links to federal, state, county, township & municipal government offices, and to school districts.
    6. Immigrants - Local resources: Links to services for immigrants.
    7. Job search
    8. Homeschooling & schooling
    9. Seniors - Local resources: Links to services for seniors.
    10. Things to do / Places to go
    11. Townships, boroughs & the City of Reading
  5. Info: How Do I…
    1. Info: Table of contents
    2. Apply for a passport
    3. Find books, movies, music…
    4. Get a card
    5. Renew/return an item
    6. Request an item
    7. Site map
    8. View my account activity
  6. Kids Space
    1. Kid Space: Links to great websites for kids. Links for parents, too.
    2. Our Kid Programs
  7. Research
    1. Research: Links to the online catalog, Power Library databases, eLanguage, IPL 2, Ask Here PA, Opposing Viewpoints, Testing & Education Reference Center, and Access PA
  8. Support Us
    1. Support: Table of contents: Friends, donations, volunteering.
    2. Adopt-A-Book
  9. Teens
    1. Boy stuff
    2. Careers
    3. College
    4. Fun
    5. Girlz
    6. Safe search tips for using the Internet
    7. School